"Because a picture is worth more than a thousand words"

About us

Traveling has always been an adventure for us, and always on every trip we brought new experiences and memories. We have added images to those memories. Images that we wanted to share and to revive in our photos. While a word can mean a lot to you, to us a picture may remind our best adventures, or to others simply a dream not yet achieved. Our photographs are not only images, are interpretations of what we see. Our pictures are moments captured... Learn More

Our Products

When you buy a product with photodipities, you get an original design. Our Calendars and Postcards have a distinctive and unique product created to make the difference. Calendars includes photos in the front along with the calendar year, and on the back, information of interest concerning the city or state along with a location map. The elegant design on both sides makes the product an attractive purchase item. Product Specifications: 9’’ x 4’’... Learn More

Recent Works